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Weizhi Nie

Weizhi Nie



Tianjin International Engineering Institute




School of Electrical and Information Engineering


Associate professor


614 Room, Building 26



Weizhi Nie, received his Ph.D. in Signal and Information Processes, from Tianjin University. He is currently a Associate Professor of The School of Electronic and Information Engineering at Tianjin University.

He and his group at Tianjin University have published more than 100 refereed journal and conference papers. His research mainly includes Multi-modal analysis, 3D model retrieval, 3D model reconstruction.



Ph D (Signal and Information Processes), Tianjin University, 2015

MS (Signal and Information Processes), Tianjin University, 2011


Selected Publications (2020-2021)

1. Nie, Wei-Zhi, Yue Zhao, Dan Song, and Yue Gao. "DAN: Deep-Attention Network for 3D Shape Recognition." IEEE Transactions on Image Processing (2021).

2. NieWeizhi, Anan Liu, Sicheng Zhao, Yue Gao, “Deep Correlated Joint Networks for 2D Image-Based 3D Model Retrieval”, IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics (2020).1.no.13.(2020):1-10 

3. Nie, Weizhi, Wenwu Jia, Wenhui Li, Anan Liu, and Sicheng Zhao. "3D Pose Estimation Based on Reinforce Learning for 2D Image-based 3D Model Retrieval." IEEE Transactions on Multimedia (2020) 1, no.23 (2020): 1021-1034.

4. Nie, Weizhi, Rihao Chang, Minjie Ren, Yuting Su, and Anan Liu. "I-GCN: Incremental Graph Convolution Network for Conversation Emotion Detection." IEEE Transactions on Multimedia (2021).

5. Nie, Wei-Zhi, An-An Liu, Yue Gao, and Yu-Ting Su. "Hyper-clique graph matching and applications." IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology 29, no. 6 (2018): 1619-1630.

6. Nie, Weizhi, Yue Zhao, Jie Niea, An-An Liu, and Sicheng Zhaob. "CLN: Cross-domain Learning Network for 2D Image-based 3D Shape Retrieval." IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology (2021).

7. Nie, Wei-Zhi, Min-Jie Ren, An-An Liu*, Zhendong Mao, Jie Nie*M-GCN: Multi-Branch Graph Convolution Network for 2D Image-based on 3D Model RetrievalIEEE Transactions on Multimedia (2020).

8. Nie, Weizhi, Minjie Ren, Jie Nie, and Sicheng Zhao. "C-GCN: Correlation based Graph Convolutional Network for Audio-video Emotion Recognition." IEEE Transactions on Multimedia (2020).


Selected Awards and Honors

(1) The Prize for Advance on Science and Technology of Tianjin in 2019

(2) The Prize for Advance on Science and Technology of Tianjin in 2020

(3) The Prize for Advance on Science and Technology of Tianjin in 2022


Teaching Experience

(1) Signal and system

(2) Deep learning and Applications