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Zhaofang Mao

Zhaofang Mao




Title:Associate Professor

Email:maozhaofang@tju.edu.cn maozhaofang@hotmail.com


School of Management, Tianjin University, CHINA, 2007-2009, Postdoctor, Management Science and Engineering.

School of Management, Cranfield University, UK, 2005-2006, Joint PhD, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, (Supervisor: Prof. Alan Harrison)

School of Management, Tianjin University, CHINA, 2003-2006, Joint PhD, Management Science and Engineering, Study on Supply Network Performance Measurement of Manufacturing Industry Based on Customer Value and Lean/Agile Strategy,(Supervisor: Prof. Ershi QI)

School of Management, Tianjin University, CHINA, 2001-2003, Master of Management, Management Science and Engineering, Study on Pre-Evaluation of Management Consultation for CIMS Project in Manufacturing Enterprises,(Supervisor: Prof. Ershi QI)

School of Mechanical Engineering, Tianjin University, CHINA, 1995-1999, Bachelor of Engineering, Automotive Engineering

Research Interests

Industrial Engineering, TPS, Lean Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Enterprise Global Strategy, Collaborative Innovation.

Selected Publications (2011-2013)

(1) Zhaofang Mao, Wanan Liu, Hui Li. Research on the Joint Strategy of Advance-selling and Buy-back for Seasonal Perishable Products to Strategic Consumers. Journal of Management Sciences in China (Accepted)

(2) Zhaofang Mao, Zhaochao Dong , Zhibao Li, Comparative study on joint strategy of advance selling and buy-back to conventional products and new products. Journal of Systems Engineering (Accepted)

(3)ChengboWang,Vaughan John,Edgar David, Zhaofang Mao,XuezhongChen. A comparative study of the Chinese and British GP systems.The IUP Journal of Business Strategy.2014, 11(2): 7-27.

(4) Chengbo Wang, Xiaomei LI, Zhaofang Mao. Green Retailing Practices: An Exploratory Comparison Between Chinese and British Retailers, Journal of General Management. 2013, 39(2): 35-60.

(5) Chengbo Wang, Yisong Zheng, Zhaofang Mao, John Vaughan, John Mercer, Nikki Craske, Christopher Huges. Greening Retail Operations: An Empirical Comparison of Chinese and British Retailers on Awareness, Drivers, Barriers and Willingness for Going Green, 2013 (working paper).

(6) Chengbo Wang, Zhaofang Mao, David Edgar, Xuezhong Chen, John Vaughan and John Mercer. An Investigation of Chinese GP system and exploratory comparison of its current status with its UK counterpart’s. 2013 (working paper).

(7)Chengbo Wang,Tong Yang,Zhaofang Mao,Lixin Zhang,John VaughanandJohn Mercer. An empirical exploration of hospital service quality assessment criteria in China. Journal of General Management. 2011, 37(2): 51-68

(8) LI Hui, Zhaofang Mao, QI Ershi. Research on the Optimization of Lean Procurement Logistics Operational System of Automotive Industries. Information Engineering Letters. 2011, 2(3): 49-57.

(9) Zhaofang Mao, Guohong Xia. Study on the Deepen the Reform in the Separation of Ownership and Management and the Problem of the Distribution of Income of Chinese Enterprises.Journal of Tianjin University (Social Sciences), 2006(2): 87-92.

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(12) Guohong Xia, QI Ershi, Yanfang Huo, Zhaofang Mao. Study on Personnel and System Management Model of Military Enterprises. CIMS. 2004, 10(4): 361-366.

(13) Zhaofang Mao, QI Ershi. Study on the Development of CIE(Chinese Industrial Engineering)Subject. Journal of Nanjing University. 2002.


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