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Zhen Xu

Zhen Xu




Title:Associate Professor



Tianjin University: PHD(2006); MArch(1999); BArch(1989)

Professional Experience

The 3rd Design Institute of Railway Ministry, 1989-1999, Chief Architect

Department of Architecture, School of Architecture, Tianjin University, 1999-present, Associate Head, Associate Professor

Digital Design Institute & Digital Fabrication Lab, 2010-present, Director

++ Selected Architecture Projects include:

DaDi Development Complex, TEDA of Tianjin, 1992, Constructed

ChangChun Railway Terminal Station, ChangChun, 1995, Constructed

Green Island Residence, Tianjin, 2002, Constructed

Campus Planning & Dormitory Architectural Design Competition of Hair College, Qingdao, 2002, 1st Prize Winner, Constructed

Commercial & Business Center Urban Design, Dalian, 2003, 1st Prize Winner

No.18 Area Urban Planning & Architectural Design Competition, Qingdao, 2004, 1st Prize Winner, Constructed

Residence Planning & Architectural Design, Shangqiu, 2007, Constructed

Residence Planning & Architectural Design, Yichun, 2012, Under Constructed

Teaching Experience

Theory of Residence Design (1999-present)

Studio on the Basis of Architectural Design (1999-present)

Architectural Design Software Practice based on BIM & Parametric Design (2006-present)

Research Interests

(1) Digital design and theory of architecture

(2) Parametric architectural design

(3) Building information modeling (BIM)

International Workshop

1. University of California in Los Angeles, TU-UCLA Architectural Joint Studio, 2006-present, Chief Professor of the studio on

Chinese side, concentrate on digital

architecture design, common space planning and architecture interface with city.

++ Subjects on this program include:

The Edge Center of Pacific Rim: Broadcasting Architecture, March-June, 2006, Los Angeles

Qingdao Annex Train Station: Existence & Interconnection, March-June, 2007, Los Angeles

The Ceramics Institute for Visiting Scholars: Art as the Public Media, March-June, 2006, Los Angeles

Yingxiu Community Center: a Healing architectural Typology, March-June, 2006, Los Angeles

Art Village of Old Nanjing: Involvement with Expression, March-June, 2006, Los Angeles

Tibetan Buddhist Museum: Prototype & Symbols, March-June, 2006, Los Angeles

2. Interactive Architecture Workshop, Augest, 2014, Tianjin, Collaborative with Michael Fox

Committee/ Affiliations

Architectural Society of China (ASC), 1st Grade Registered Architect, 2002-present

Digital Design Education Committee of Architectural Colleges, Deputy Director, 2010-present

Selected Publications

(1) Journal: “The Community Construction of the Residential Area: The Planning of the Community of Fuyuan Dongli in Dagang District, Tianjin”, Published by the

Journal of Tianjin Urban Construction Institute, Tianjin, 2002.01

(2) Journal: “Spacial Analysis of the Historic Blocks on Tianjin North Road and the Virtual Restoration”, Published by theArchitectural Journal, Beijing, 2005.07

(3) Journal: “Design for Plot 18 of Business and Trade Area on Zhongshan Road in Qingdao”, Published by theArchitectural Journal, Beijing, 2005.02

(4) Journal: “Utilities of Autodesk Revit Building Software on Architectural Design Class”, Published by theArchitectural Journal, Beijing, 2007.05

(5) Journal: “Gediaozhujing Residence: Chinese Images in Modern Context”, Published byTime Architecture, Shanghai, 2010.05

(6) Proceedings: “Practice and Exploration on Themes Designs”,International Symposium on Chinese Architectural Education, Hohhot, 2011

(7) Book:“Barrier Free Design”, Published byChina Architectural Industry Press, Beijing, 2011. 12

(8) Journal:“Parametric Design and Fabrication” , Published byUrbanism and Architecture, Beijing, 2011. 09

(9) Journal: “Pragmatic and Innovative Based on Local:Research and Practice on Architectural Design Education of Tianjin University”, Published byUrbanism and

Architecture, Beijing, 2011. 03

(10) Journal: “Architectural Morphology of Monolith in the Complicated Science Context”, Published by theNew Architecture, Wuhan, 2012.05

Funding/ Sponsorship

1. Huahui Architects International Exchanging Grant, 2011 (based on program of TU-UCLA Architectural Joint Studio)

2. AUD Architects TJU-UCLA Exchenging Grant, 2014

Selected Awards and Honors

(1) Motorola Outstanding Teacher Award, Tianjin University, 2002

(2) College BIM Architectural Design Competition, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2nd & 3rd Prize Winner

(3) UA City Architectural Competition, 2009, 3rd Prize Winner, Steering Committee of National Architectural Colleges

(4) Excellent Design Award of Final Studio, Steering Committee of National Architectural Colleges, 2010

(5) CCDI Outstanding Faculty Member Award, School of Architecture, TU, 2011

(6) Bronze in Tongji Fabrication Festival, Tongji University, 2012

(7) Excellent Supervisor of Graduation Studio, School of Architecture, 2012