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Three reservation channels for Tianjin University Begonia Festival are opened.

The branches are full of flowers in spring, presenting a harmonious and fresh scene. The 2023 "Tianjin University· Begonia Season" Campus Open Day is scheduled to be held on April 2, 2023 (Sunday), which is themed by "Flowers and Share" in this year. Now, relevant activities will be released.

Content of activity:

On the same day of Open Day, there are four themed tour routes of "reading and understanding ·making China stronger through the establishment of schools", "feeling the pulses of innovation", "inheriting excellent culture" and "encountering the spring of Peiyang" respectively in Weijin Road Campus and Peiyang Park Campus. On the occasion, a variety of activities will be held, such as university history museum visiting activity themed by "walking into the first modern university in China", emerging engineering project-based courses and graduation project achievements exhibition and performance, walking into the pillar of a great powder "Seismic Assembly", key lab opening of the state/the Ministry of Education, "School Open Day" of Feng Jicai Academy of Literature and Arts, lecture hall of table tennis world champion, and art performance of Chinese and foreign teachers and students.

At the same time, a special live streaming will be made for Tianjin University•Begonia Season" synchronously by the platforms such as Tianjin University official microblog, WeChat Video Channel, TikTok and Bilibili. We sincerely invite everyone to have a date with begonia on the "cloud".