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The First "Student Ambassador" Selection Activity of Tianjin International Engineering Institute

 The First "Student Ambassador" Selection Activity of Tianjin International Engineering Institute

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the signed headline figure of the Institute endorsement


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the cover character of the official account of the Enrollment Guide


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#Searching for Student Ambassadors of Tianjin International Engineering Institute#




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01 Event profile




Diverse youth, I endorse for Tianjin International Engineering Institute



March 30 - April 8



All students in the Tianjin International Engineering Institute are eligible



1. Consciously abide by national laws and regulations, abide by various rules and regulations of the school and college, and enthusiastically serve the school and college.

2. Good political and ideological qualities, decent behavior, upright conduct, strong organizational concept and sense of responsibility, be conscientious and responsible in work, and a good spirit of unity and cooperation.

3. Have good foreign language communication skills. Solid foreign language foundation, standard pronunciation, able to communicate in simple French, with an English CET-6 score of 500 or above.

4. Have a broad international perspective, high cultural tolerance, and overseas exchange experience is preferred.

5. Have affinity and good communication skills, strong team awareness and enterprising spirit; Actively cooperate with the Institute's external communication work.


Number of selection

6 persons

02 Selection process


Phase 1: March 30 to April 5

[Event Registration]

Interested students can participate and fill out the information required by the questionnaire star, and the resume content must include language grades. Registration deadline is 12:00 p.m. on April 5.




Phase 2: April 5 to April 7

[Popular Voting]

An online popularity vote will be launched for candidates through the official account platform, and the top three with the highest number of votes will be selected as the winners of the "Student Ambassador Popularity Award of Tianjin International Engineering Institute".


Phase 3: Time to be notified separately

Final interview and determination of the first student ambassador.

Certificates are awarded and souvenirs are presented! Participate in the construction of the Institute.