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A Series of Seminars on Postgraduate Education and Teaching in 2023 Hold in School of Future Technology III

On the afternoon of April 11, the School of Future Technology held a Seminar on Postgraduate Work in 2023. Yuan Xubo, Executive Vice Dean of the School of Future Technology and Vice Dean Liu Yanli, heads of various specialty directions of the School and representatives of supervisors attended the seminar, which was presided over by Vice Dean Liu Yanli.

At the seminar, all the participants studied the Work Points of the Graduate School of Tianjin University in 2023. The specialty supervisors exchanged and discussed the key work plans of the School, such as core courses formation, school-enterprise practice strengthening, international cooperation expansion, and interdisciplinary deepening, and put forward the challenges and tasks existing in the School. It is for certain that the School will continue to carry out standardized system construction to ensure and promote the postgraduate education, teaching and talent training in the School to create new opportunities and make new achievements.

Picture of the Seminar on Postgraduate Work in 2023