The Enterprise Club has been established by TJU cooperated with global enterprises while TIEI was set up. The member enterprises join in this non-profit organization voluntarily aiming to reserve high-level talents. The Club devotes to explore engineering training model with college-enterprise-cooperation and to build student practice platform for TIEI.

Enterprise Club members have been giving great support to TIEI. The Club convenes conversazione of members to discussing TIEI related issues and to propose questions and suggestions to the Board and Executive Committee. The topic includes: development of the institute, training objectives, training programs, specialties, and students practices.

At present, 42 national and international enterprises have became the Club members, including SIEMENS, Schneider Electric, Huawei Technology Co. Ltd, ZTE and so on.

By established the Club, TIEI sets up a platform for communication between university and enterprises, and also among the enterprises. The enterprises deeply involved in academic training. The top managers and senior engineers hold the post of teachers or tutors. Through deeply communication of the Club, TIEI could offer talents follow corporates’ requirements. The companies accept the students of TIEI as interns. The students could understand companies in advance. And the Club also assists research cooperation.