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Lian Hu

Lian Hu







Lian Hu (1984 to ), female, Ph.D., School of architecture, Tianjin University, majoring in urban study, is now mainly engaged in teaching and scientific research in conservation and adaptive-reuse of heritage and cultural industry.


Doctor of Urban Study, 2012

School of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences (EHESS), France

Master, 2008

Aix-Marseille III University Paul Cézanne, Institute of public management and territorial governance, France


Beijing language and culture university, College of Foreign Languages

Research Interests

(1) Conservation and adaptive-reuse of heritage

(2) Cultural industry

(3) History of Sino-Foreign cultural exchanges

Selected Publications

(1) Lian Hu, Daisy DEBELLE, Le Patrimoine industriel européen au service de la construction identitaire chinoise, Patrimoine de l'industrie/Industrial Patrimony, TICCIH Journal,2012

(2) Dandan Zhong, Lian Hu(Correspondent Author), Brief analysis of large state-owned enterprise reuse as subject of industrial heritage’s conservation and adaptive-reuse, The Fifth National Academic Conference on Chinese Industrial Architecture Heritage, 2014

(3) Xin LI, Lian Hu(Correspondent Author), Lin Wang, Subin Xu, Analysis of main factors influencing heritage’s reuse, Architecture and Culture, (6) 100-105,2015

(4) Yuqi Zhang, Lian Hu(Correspondent Author), Lin Wang, Subin Xu, Research on the policy-oriented influence to the reconstruction methods of industrial heritage, Architecture and Culture, (5) 98-105,2015

Selected Awards and Honors

(1) Industrial heritages' values recur under GIS's support, National Natural Science Funds of China,2015/01-2017/12,Funding Amount:RMB250,000,Role: Leader