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Qingsong An

Qingsong An







Dr. Qingsong An received his Ph.D. in Engineering Thermo physics from Tianjin University. And he was a postdoctoral in Tsinghua University from Oct. 2008 to Nov. 2010. And now he is a lectorate of Thermal Engineering at Tianjin University.

Dr. An joined several projects such as the 863 Project, Natural Science Foundation Project, Doctoral Scientific Fund Project, and international cooperation project. He is the first that started the study of the interaction between nanoparticles and high pressure CO2 which contains oil. And he also participated in writing the Development report on Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering Disciplines and the Energy and Environment Technologies and Its Evaluation, and establishing the standard for weak flammable refrigerants.


Ph D (Engineering Thermophysics), Tsinghua University, 2004.09-2008.09

MS (Engineering Thermophysics), Tianjin University, 2001.09-2004.07

BS (Thermal Engineering), Harbin Engineering University, 1997.09-2001.07

Research Interests

Dr. An's research interests include technologies of nano-fluids, technologies of CO2 heat pumps, ORC cycle, and analysis and elevation of energy conversion and utilization. Cooperated with FLON, he conducted the key alternative technology study for substituting R22 by R32 and the international standard research.The thermodynamic property, environmental protection property and security of the working fluid for ORC in power generation by low and medium temperature thermal energy developed by him and his team is prior to that of the current used ones. And the work is received the recognition from TOSHIBA.

Selected Publications (2011-2013)

(1) Huixing Zhai, Shi Lin, Qingsong An, Influence of working fluid properties on system performance and screen evaluation indicators for geothermal ORC (organic Rankine cycle) system. Energy. 2014, 74: 2-11.

(2) Aibin Yan, Jun Zhao, Qingsong An, Yulong Zhao, Hailong Li. Hydraulic performance of a new district heating systems with distributed variable speed pumps. Applied Energy. 2013,112:876-885

(3) Xiaoye Dai, Qingsong An, Lin Shi. Experiment research for the thermal stability of isobutene and isopentane. Journal of Engineering Thermophysics, 2013, 34(8): 1416-1419.

(4) Qingsong An, Lin Shi. Thermodynamic comparative analysis of power generation system for low- and mid-grade heat sources. Journal of North China Electric Power University. 2012, 39(2): 79-83, 92.

(5) Haifeng Jian, Qingsong An, Lin Shi. Experimental research on material compatibility f HFC 32/PVE. Journal of Engineering Thermophysics, 2012, 33(7): 1101-1104.