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Xin Wang

Xin Wang




Title:Associate Professor



Dr. Xin Wang received his Ph.D. in Computer Science and Technology from Nankai University, China in 2009. During June 2013 to September 2013, he worked as a visiting scholar at Griffith University, Australia. He is currently an Associate Professor of Computer Science and Technology at Tianjin University, China. His research interests include Semantic Web data management, graph databases, and large scale knowledge processing. Dr. Wang is a CCF (China Computer Federation) senior member, ACM member, IEEE/CS member, CAAI (China Association for Artificial Intelligence) member, and CIPS (Chinese Information Processing Society of China) member. Dr. Wang and his group at Tianjin University have published more than 40 journal and conference papers.


Ph D (Computer Science and Technology), Nankai University, China, 2009

BS (Computer Science and Technology), Nankai University, China, 2004

Research Interests

Dr. Wang's research effort is focused on both data management and Semantic Web. Particular areas include RDF data management, graph databases, and large-scale knowledge processing. He also focuses on the practical applications of data management methods to process big data from various domains. He and his co-workers have developed a distributed large-scale RDF data server, call Jingwei, which can efficiently store and handle RDF data of billion triples. He has also developed a new method for efficiently executing regular path queries on large-scale RDF graph data.

Selected Publications (2011-2013)

(1) Xin Wang, Jun Ling, Junhu Wang, Kewen Wang, Zhiyong Feng. Answering Provenance-Aware Regular Path Queries on RDF Graphs Using an Automata-Based Algorithm. In Proceedings of the 23rd International World Wide Web Conference (WWW 2014), pages 395-396, poster, 2014.

(2) Yang Jiang, Zhiyong Feng, Xin Wang. A MultikeyRank Model Based on Ontology for Large-Scale Semantic Data. Chinese Journal of Electronics, 23(1):119-123, 2014.

(3) Xin Wang, Longxiang Jiang, Hong Shi, Zhiyong Feng, Pufeng Du. Jingwei+: A Distributed Large-Scale RDF Data Server. In Proceedings of the 14th Asia-Pacific Web Conference (APWeb2012), LNCS 7235, pages 779-783, 2012.

(4) Sheng Li, Junhu Wang, Xin Wang. Ontology-Based Spelling Suggestion for RDF Keyword Search. In Proceedings of the 33rd International Conference on Conceptual Modeling (ER 2014), pages 57-70, 2014.

(5) Xin Wang, Guozheng Rao, Longxiang Jiang, Xuedong Lv, Yajun Yang, Zhiyong Feng. TraPath: Fast Regular Path Query Evaluation on Large-Scale RDF Graphs. In Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Web-Age Information Management (WAIM 2014), pages 372-383, 2014.

Selected Awards and Honors

(1) The 11th Tianjin Young Teachers in Universities Teaching Basic Skills Competition, Second Prize (Tianjin Education Union) 2012.

(2) The 9th Young Teachers Lecture Competition, First Prize (Tianjin University) 2012.

(3) Outstanding Young Teacher Education Award (Tianjin University) 2012.

(4) The Undergraduate Graduation Design (Paper) Excellent Teacher (Tianjin University) 2013.