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YanYan Liu

YanYan Liu




Title:Senior experimentalist



2007/9 - 2010/6, Nankai University, Microelectronics and solid-state electronics, Ph D

1999/9 - 2002/2,Tianjin University, Microelectronics and solid-state electronics, MS

1995/9 - 1999/6,Tianjin University, Microelectronics and solid-state electronics, BS

Selected Publications (2011-2013)

(1) Yanyan Liu, Liang Zhang, Wei Zhang. STABILITY ANALYSIS OF CPLL WITH LOOP DELAY,Transactions of Tianjin University, Vol.19(3), pp: 211-216, 2013. (EI)

(2) Haoxuan Wang, Wei Zhang, Yanyan Liu, Liang Zhang. A low phase noise LC-VCO for phase-locked frequency synthesizers,Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, 56(6), pp:1486-1492, 2014. (EI,SCI)

(3) Wei Zhang, liang Zhang, Xu Zhang, Yanyan Liu. A Dual-modulus Injection-locked Frequency Divider with Large Locking Range, Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, Vol.55(2), pp:269-272, 2013.(EI,SCI)

(4) Hao Wang, Wei Zhang, Yanyan Liu. Novel pipelined interpolator for Reed-Solomon decoder based on low-complexity Chase decoding, Journal of Circuits, Systems, and Computers, Vol. 22(10), pp: 1340037-1-1340037-10, 2013. (EI)

(5) Jian Zhang, Wei Zhang, Yanyan Liu. A fully integrated analog front-end circuit for 13.56 MHz passive RFID tags in conformance with ISO/IEC 18000-3 protocol, microelectronics journal, 2014, Vol. 45(6), pp: 578-588, 2014. (EI,SCI)

(6) Wei Zhang, Liang Zhang, Xu Zhang, Xuepo Ma, Yanyan Liu. An improved Current mode logic latch,Chinese Journal of Electronics, Vol.22(1), pp: 214-218, 2013. (EI)

(7) Wei Zhang, Zhe Jiang, Zhiyu Gao, Yanyan Liu, An Efficient VLSI Architecture for Lifting-Based Discrete Wavelet Transform. IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems-II Express Briefs, 59(3), pp: 158-162, 2012. (SCI)

(8) Yanyan Liu, GENG Wei-dong, DAI Yong-ping,OLED-on-silicon chip with new pixel circuit,Journal of Central South University,vol.19(5), pp: 1276-1282,2012. (SCI,EI)

(9) Wei Zhang, Jing Wang, Shiqiang Wu, Hao Wang, Zhe Jiang and Yanyan Liu, A low-power high-efficiency architecture for low complexity Chase soft-decision RS decoding, IET Communications, 6(17), pp. 3046-3052, 2012. (SCI)

(10) Liu Huigang, Yanyan Liu and Geng Weidong. Adjustable gamma correction reference voltage source for LCoS,Proc. IEEE Int. Conf. Electron Device and Solid-State Circuits (EDSSC),pp. 6117695. Tianjin, China, 2011.11.17-18. (EI)

(11) Hao Wang, Wei Zhang, Yanyan Liu. Novel pipelined interpolator for low-complexity chase soft-decision Reed-Solomon decoder, Proceedings of Electron Devices and Solid-State Circuits (EDSSC), pp. 6117651. Tianjin, China, 2011.11.17-18. (EI)

(12) Wei Zhang, Shiqiang Wu, Yujing Feng and Yanyan Liu. A self-adaptive synchronizing algorithm for UHF RFID tag, Proc. IEEE International Conference of Electron Devices and Solid-State Circuits (EDSSC), pp. 6117674. Tianjin, China, 2011.11.17-18. (EI)